Important news.

We are writing to inform you that as of 2nd July 2018, Suite26 will no longer be available for use.

We are, however, providing you with an alternative solution with our new partner’s Mailing Manager.

Our group (iomart) have used the services of Mailing Manager for years, we have to say the service is excellent.  So, you will be in good hands.

What about existing email credits?

You will be able to use your outstanding credits until the 2nd July 2018, although we will NOT be selling any further credits unless you are sure you will use them before this date.

You will be able to sign up with mailing manager by visiting . Which will entitle you to 1,000 credits to use straight away, but please read on…


When you sign up – please enter your Suite26 ID in the ‘Company name’ field and you will be contacted by mailing manager, within 1 business day.  You will be able to discuss the best way forward.

After the free period, you can continue using the premium package at the Basic price.

Importing data, templates, and contacts.

Up to 2nd July 2018, the Suite 26 support team will be able to help you export these and the Mailing Manager support team will be able to assist you with importing them into the new Mailing manager system.

 I have other services with Global Gold.

We will still be providing domain names, web hosting, email and server products. No changes are planned here, whatsoever.

Thank you for your support over the years. :

The Suite26 team – who btw, will all still be working for GlobalGold.